Now your votes are needed for our idea, “Support the California OneCare Campaign for Single Payer Health Care,” to be one of the top 10 winners of the final round of competition.

If our idea makes it into the top 10 in this final round which ends on March 12 at 2pm Pacific Time, the resources of the team, their partners, and their 1 million community members will be mobilized to help us as we build the grassroots movement for single payer in California.

To provide an equal playing field, each idea started yesterday with zero votes. This means that anyone who voted for our idea in the first round will have to vote again in the final round in order to be counted.

With the 365 Ad Campaign which began Monday, an unstoppable California grassroots movement, and the help of single payer supporters all over the country, the California OneCare Campaign will defeat the insurance industry – first in California and then across the nation.

To place your vote go to:

Instructions: Click on “Vote Now”. You’ll be asked to register to confirm your vote; if you voted in the first round, you already have an account, so you’ll be asked to “click here”; once you do that, your vote is counted. If you’re not already registered, please fill in the form, which will generate an email. Once you respond to the email, your vote will be counted.


Remember, the deadline for voting is on March 12 at 2pm Pacific Time.