Dear OneCare Supporters,

On Christmas day, several of us on the California OneCare leadership team discovered that our photo and names were included in this Daily Kos Blog (This post by NYCEVE featuring our campaign and whistle blower Wendell Potter was #1 on Daily Kos for 14 hours and had over 300 comments).

In 2011, these people will launch holy war against the health insurance industry

by nyceve

Sat Dec 25, 2010 at 12:20:16 PM PST

Merry Christmas, and some good news as we head into 2011.

As most Americans know, California is headed over the cliff.  The state is perilously close to financial Armageddon.

Last Wednesday evening in Los Angeles, I met for over three hours with the people who, in 2011, will begin the Herculean task of dismantling the for-profit insurance industry in California. We can’t do it without your active support.

This is part of the leadership team of California OneCare, with me (nyceve), Andrew McGuire (a McArthur Genius Fellow), the executive director of California OneCare, our very own shockwave, George Savage, Don Schroeder and our very own Wendell Potter.

Do we really look like a band of dangerous healthcare revolutionaries? Or just citizens of the richest country on the planet, outraged that healthcare continues to be a privilege not a right.

Check it out:,-these-people-will-launch-holy-war-against-the-health-insurance-industry

Even before the 2011-2012 Campaign for OneCare is officially launched, we are  feeling very encouraged with this kind of attention we’re getting. NYCEVE’s Blog is just the start.

We have a new team and plan (and a likely 2012 Ballot Initiative) that, if successful, will catapult California to be the nation’s first true “self-insuring” state, providing full health care for all.

We must fix health care, eliminate private insurance corporations and negotiate lower drug costs. We’ll need to raise $30 to $50 million to conduct such a battle, but with an informed electorate (60% approve of a full Medicare for all-type plan), we can make it the law of the land in California. Then the rest of America will follow.

Please tell your friends to learn about OneCare. And get them to write big checks to this generation’s most important social movement at

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

Andrew McGuire, Executive Director, California OneCare Campaign