Is there an election tomorrow?

You bet there is!  And all of us at the California OneCare Campaign urge you to vote (if you haven’t already).

We know. You’ve been contacted by many other organizations and friends urging you to vote.  But, it never hurts to reinforce the obvious. If you wish to support single payer health insurance, and you wish to put the for-profit health insurance corporations out of business, and if you wish to reduce the cost of health insurance by supporting a public insurance plan, then you must vote.

Because of restrictions by the IRS, California OneCare can not tell you who to vote for.  But we trust that you know who to vote for and, in order to maintain legislative support for OneCare in California, vote for the candidates that also support OneCare.  We are the bosses and the legislators are our employees.   Our vote becomes part of their job description.

Soon after this election we’ll be notifying you of our plans for 2011 and the launch of our California OneCare Campaign to pass SB 810 in the coming legislative session.

But first, remember to exercise your democratic right–vote!

Andrew McGuire
Executive Director
California OneCare Campaign