Dear Supporters,

The California Senate was only two votes short of passing SB 810 last week. But six Democrats refused to support the bill when it was put to a vote in the California Senate. You may have been one of the thousands of Californians who called these senators urging them to change their minds and vote for the people of California. You showed them what real democracy looks like. They didn’t listen.

It turns out their allegiance was not to us, their constituents.
It was to those who are profiting from our current broken health care system.

Follow the Money

*Insurance Industry may include auto, life and other insurance

Together, you and I and others like us can turn this around.

Go to the ACT! page on the California OneCare website to see how you can get involved in building a movement for single payer that cannot be ignored. There you will find activities, materials and projects to help educate people in your community about single payer, raise money for the campaign, plan actions with friends, and get endorsements from your community leaders.

Let’s reach every Californian with the message that a single payer health care system will give all of us access to the health care we need at a cost we can all afford.

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Thank you for your continuing support for single payer and our work.


Jeanne Ertle
Vice Chair, California OneCare