It’s bad enough that much of our hard earned money goes into health insurer CEO pockets. It’s even worse that much of our hard earned money is also going into the pockets of lobbyists the insurance industry hires to fight legislation that would actually save us money. Tomorrow, the state Senate Health Committee is scheduled to vote on AB 52, legislation that would allow the insurance commissioner to review proposed health insurance rate hikes. And the industry is siccing their lobbyists – paid for by their customers’ premiums – to kill the bill: From Think Progress:

The California Chamber of Commerce has announced that AB 52 is on the top of its list of “Job Killers,” meaning they will make killing the legislation a top priority. The Chamber purports to represent all businesses in the state, but its board membership reveals mostly multinational corporations. Health insurers have a seat at the table. California Chamber board members include Greg Adams, a top Kaiser Health Plans official, David Anderson, CEO of UnitedHealthcare of Southern California, and Pam Kehaly, President of Anthem Blue Cross of California. Diamond membership to Chamber requires annual dues of at least $100,000, suggesting that top insurers have funneled hundreds of thousands of their customers’ premium money to a right-wing lobbying group, rather than spending it on actual medical services.

This is more evidence of how the healthcare system in this country has become shamelessly corrupt. We have a situation where companies that are supposed to be looking after the health of their customers, are instead using their customers’ own money against them. No other country allows such an outrage, and we shouldn’t either.