“The pulse of America’s collective heart lies in our health care system.”

Thanks to you, we know we can cure health care, once and for all!

Dear OneCare Supporters,

One of the most poignant messages California OneCare sent you this year was about David Garrett, a vital, athletic marathon runner who had just married the love of his life. David didn’t have health insurance, so he put off getting a routine test that would have revealed the prostate cancer that took his life.

His was yet another pointless tragic loss, one of 45,000 deaths that occur every year because of a lack of health insurance.

This is not the America that I know and love, where children go without the care that can save their lives. Where we sentence our citizens to death because they’re broke. I believe in an America that has a heart. And I believe that the pulse of our collective heart lies in our health care system.

Your support is needed now to help us start our “once and for all” campaign.

More than ever, I’m convinced that getting health care right is the cause of our generation. Our system is so horribly broken even Washington’s attempts to fix it will fall unacceptably short. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will still leave from 20 to 40 million uninsured and will not control spiraling health care costs.

Instead, we need a complete overhaul: a self-insurance type system where ONE California agency collects all of the health care dollars, and pays all of the health care providers. Some call it improved Medicare for All. We call it California OneCare.

California’s new leaders will need a populist movement to support them.

The good news is that California OneCare is within reach! We can do it with a populist movement that will force our legislators and progressive new leaders to make California OneCare the law of the land. And we have a plan to make that happen in two years:

First, in concert with our coalition partners, we will conduct an economic study that will prove that OneCare will not only cover everyone comprehensively, but will also save money for families, businesses and government.

Next, an interactive website that will serve as the online hub for supporters of our movement—our OneCare Teams. The site will facilitate communication with the campaign and with other supporters and will have training materials and resources that activists can download.

Then, on-line and grassroots activism that will get noticed. Building on tabling and public speaking, we’re planning dramatic street theater events, flash mobs, demonstrations, freeway blogging, massive marches, and blow-out concerts.

These next two years are going to be more exciting than any in our decades-long fight. Our plans are big, but so is the opposition.

Click here to donate now. Stay tuned for campaign developments and invite your friends to help us make history!

Let’s make sure that there are no more David Garretts, that we do live in an America that we can believe in, and that we are the generation that will give America back its heart.

Andrew McGuire, Executive Director
California OneCare Campaign

PS. Your donation now will help us launch the populist movement that will change California, and then the nation.