Urgent Final Action Day for an SB 810 Vote! Call Moderate Dems Below, Then

Click Here, Add your Zip Code then CALL Your Assembly member NOW

It’s the 11th hour (and midnight tonight it’s over) and in order to get SB 810 to a floor vote we need two actions.

1)  Personally contact all the moderate Dems:

Key members like: Anna Caballero (916-319-2028), Joan Buchanan
(916-319-2015), Alyson Huber (916-319-2010), Manuel Pérez
(916-319-2080), Norma Torres (916-319-2061) et. al.

Make it clear that we need their support. Rumor has it that many of the moderate Dems are a key reason that the bill is being held up.

2)  Then call your Assembly member and ask them to make sure that SB 810 is brought up for a vote now!

Click here and when the Action Alert page opens, just type in your zip code to see your Assembly member’s phone number and make the call!

Your Help today can make the difference!

Andrew McGuire, Executive Director

Please Tell Your Friends to Add their Voice in Support  NOW!

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