Organizing for Healthcare Justice in California, UCLA Westwood Campus

Our great friend and senior health policy mentor at Physicians for a National Health Program (, Dr. Don McCanne, said it best this morning after the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. We quote here the final parenthetical paragraph from today’s “Quote of the Day” email which Don published moments after the announcement:

(Yes, the Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate survives as a tax, and that Medicaid is limited but not invalidated. But these decisions have been only a diversion, and thus are included here only as a parenthetical remark. The decisions were limited to an Act that merely tweaks the status quo, when what we need is a new act that rejects the status quo. The Supreme Court does not have the authority to bring us that act. Above all, we must guard against celebrating the fact that the Affordable Care Act was upheld, if that should mean that we would walk away from the reform that we desperately need.)

As we’ve said for years, true health care reform will only come “one state at a time”. You can help us chart the way for single payer success in California. One way is to register and join fellow California OneCare supporters and other coalition advocates at this 3rd Annual Conference at UCLA on July 7 and 8.

Please see the general topics below and click the links to get more information about this important event and to register conveniently on line. Cost is essentially what you can afford to pay.

Location: UCLA Ackerman Union – Grand Ballroom
•    Download the PDF flyer
•    Saturday, July 7th @ 9am – 4pm
 Learn about the Campaign for a Healthy California and the Healthcare Justice Movement in California • Network with other advocates working to guarantee healthcare for all Californians • Develop skills through interactive workshops: -­‐ Labor & Medicare for All -­‐ Building a Coalition of Diverse Communities -­‐ Answering FAQs
•    Sunday, July 8th @ 9:30am – 4pm
 Gain necessary skills to build a successful movement in California • Strategize with other healthcare advocates from throughout California • Receive in-­‐depth training in key areas of organizing: -­‐ Talking to the Media -­‐ Legislative Advocacy -­‐ Organization & Outreach -­‐ Delivering Your Pitch

I hope to see you at the Conference!


Andrew McGuire, Executive Director, California OneCare Campaign

THE CAMPAIGN FOR A HEALTHY CALIFORNIA Coalition Members: California Alliance for Retired Americans/ California Health Professional Student Alliance / California Nurses Association / The Progressive Caucus of California/Health Care For All – California/ Communication Workers of America-District 9 / Physicians for a National Health Program – California / California OneCare / Single Payer Now / Progressive Democrats of America / League of Women Voters of California / Green Party of California / Democracy For America

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