Dear California OneCare Supporters,

Regardless of the outcome of the election tomorrow, there is still an overwhelming need to reform our sick healthcare system. No matter who is elected, we will still have a heartbreaking number of people who suffer and die because of profiteering in healthcare.

Mitt Romney has said that he will act to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA—Obamacare). Without the cooperation of Congress, of course, he will not be able to do so. And if he does somehow manage to repeal ACA, that will mean that 7 million Californians will remain without health insurance and we’ll be back where we were in 2010.

Barack Obama has said that millions of people will gain healthcare coverage in 2014 because of ACA. What he has not said is that even after it is fully implemented, there will still be 3 million Californians who won’t be covered. That’s equivalent to the entire populations of San Diego, San José, and San Francisco combined!

But the one provision of the Affordable Care Act that gives us hope says that any state can create its own health care system in 2017 as long as it provides an equivalent amount of access and coverage as the ACA. What we all know is that single payer can do much more than that. It will provide universal access and comprehensive coverage, and do it at half the cost. Full care, for all, for less!

Regardless of who is elected, we have our work cut out for us.

Our goal is simple: Single Payer in California in 2017. We are constructing a comprehensive campaign that involves grassroots, netroots, the entertainment industry, lobbying, and campaigning like you haven’t seen before in the fight for single payer.

So be sure you vote in this election. The outcome will affect many aspects of our lives. But the one thing that won’t change is our relentless pursuit of single payer healthcare. Thanks, of course, for your past support and vital donations. You can be assured, you’ll hear more about our plans soon, so stay with us. With your help, there is no doubt—We Will Win!

Don Schroeder, Chair

On Behalf of Andrew McGuire, Exective Director
and the California OneCare Board of Directors