The California OneCare Board of Directors and Campaign Team is profoundly grateful for the generous support from the following wonderful supporters of the California OneCare 365 Ad Campaign.

Kathy Lander, Producer, who worked tirelessly to recruit, schedule, coordinate, cajole, and convince so many to get involved in this exciting venture. Her creativity, energy, and dedication was key to the success of the campaign!

Elliott Gould who starred in the first spot and then became our ad hoc casting director, convincing countless friends and colleagues to appear in our ads.

Lily Tomlin whose ineffable Ernestine starred in two of our best ads.

Paula Poundstone who led the way among the stars who contributed time and talent.

Michael Lighty and the California Nurses Association whose generous donation made the initial posting of the ads possible through the funding of our website.

Randy Rogers who not only donated several weekends of his time, but also his entire Telefilm, Inc. studio and the equipment necessary to shoot the spots.

Betty and Stanley Sheinbaum who donated their home for a day of shooting and appeared in a spot, too!

John Hughes whose Rhythm and Hues company created the original look of the ads with the creativity of Clark Anderson, Paul Babb, Steve Wellington, Lisa White, Tim DeLone, and Thomas Burkhart.

Jim Machowski and John Barzelay who donated time and equipment to record sound for several of the shoots.

Chuck Ozeas, cinematographer, who donated his considerable talent for location shoots.

Steve Graham of Teleprompter, Inc. and Jamie Stevens of AcuPrompt Teleprompting Services and Bev & Tom Feldman, of StarPrompt Teleprompting Service who provided teleprompting equipment and services.

Kim Konsler, Kathleen Hagan, Sara Kuhl, and Kathryn Miles Fenton who donated makeup supplies and services.

Blake Hottle, Scotty Osterman and Eric Grammel who provided production services and equipment.

Jamie Mitchell whose Beachwood Cottage Film and Music Company provided all of the editorial services for the ads.

Drew Martinez who edited the spots.

Mladen Milicevic who created the music.

Jim Miller and the staff of Brave New Films who donated studios, services and equipment.

Daniel Jacobo of Chaffey College who supported the production with equipment.

Diannah Morgan who designed California OneCare graphics.

Anthony Montalvo for engineering the ad campaign on our website.

Andrew McGuire, Executive Director of California OneCare who originally conceived the 365 Ad Campaign.

George Savage, Campaign Co-Chair who wrote scripts and coordinated the posting of all the spots on our website and crediting the donating “Producers.”

Sylvia Moore who made sure that a new spot was posted every day of the year.

Health Care for All-California whose members supported the initial production and launch of the campaign.

The Producers who donated to the 365 Ad Campaign.

And all of our stars! Click Here to View the 365 Ad Archives.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this campaign a success and to help take us to the next step in true health care reform. With the dedication and talents of people like you, there is no doubt, We Will Win!

Don Schroeder

Writer, Producer & Director of the 365 Ads

Chair, California OneCare