Ten Reasons to Donate Now

Dear OneCare Supporters,

Now that the Supreme Court has decided in favor of  ACA, Californians are asking what’s next for true health care reform in our state?

Our mission is to mobilize huge numbers of public supporters via the internet who can pressure our legislators to pass single payer legislation. Your participation and your donation is needed more than ever to expand our volunteer and paid staff now to:

1. Increase communications with our supporters, the press and with coalition partners via email blasts, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

2. Improve our Website to handle more traffic at CaliforniaOneCare.org

3. Increase Blog Activity by the California OneCare netroots teams

4. Develop Web Ads and other media ads to educate voters in key Assembly and Senate voting districts

5. Create celebrity ads and webisodes promoting California’s single payer legislation

6. Establish “Name and Shame” campaign exposing our true target: private, profiteering insurance companies and executives and their practices

7. Build “OneCare Teams” a new network of local grassroots groups in each and every zip code in California, all linked on-line

8. Create a Major Donor incentive campaign to fund effective media pressure in key legislative markets

9. Support the coalition for single payer reform: The Campaign for a Healthy California

10. Help fund a new SB 810 financial feasibility study to introduce the new legislation in January, 2013

We know our work here can only help bring better care for all Californians. We need your help and donation now to expand our reach across the state.

Thank you for your continued financial support.

With your help, we’ll achieve true health care independence for all. WE WILL WIN!


Andrew McGuire, Executive Director, California OneCare Campaign

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