365 Ad # 88 Kathy Buckley

Click here to see the video Kathy Buckley got the okay for a much-needed medical procedure, but later her insurance company decided not to pay for it. That cost her $10,000. So she’s thinking about getting pet insurance. It’s comprehensive and it costs a...

365 Ad # 76 Kathy Fields Lander

Click here to see the video Here’s how health care works in the U.S.: First you pay a company to tell you which doctors you can see, and then they charge you extra to see them. And then their doctor has to get permission from them to treat you. And if you really...

365 Ad #62 David Zimmerman

Click here to see the video When he tried to get a flu shot, David Zimmerman got more health coverage from his automobile insurance plan than he did from his health insurance policy. Seems to him like his car gets better care than he does!

365 Ad #54 JoBeth Williams

Click here to see the video Why should women pay more for health insurance than men? JoBeth Williams thinks we should all have equal rights in health care. That’s what we would get with single payer, California OneCare.