Tell Your Assemblymembers to Vote YES on SB 810

We have good news! On Wednesday, Aug. 4, the Assembly Appropriations Committee voted to move SB 810 into the suspense file. This is one step forward toward passing SB 810 in the full Assembly. Now Assembly leaders have until Aug. 13 to decide to move SB 810 from the suspense file to a vote on the Assembly floor.

We need everyone to contact 3 Assemblymembers. Please contact the Chair of the Appropriations Committee, Felipe Fuentes by e-mail or at 916-319-2039, Assembly Speaker John Perez by e-mail or at 916-319-2046, and your own Assemblymember. You can find out who your Assemblymember is by clicking

We must let our representatives know that SB 810 is the best solution for providing all Californians with comprehensive and affordable health care. SB 810 will cover every Californian and save our state tens of billions of dollars. It will cut out the wasteful and cruel health insurance industry. It will do what the national plan does not – cover everyone and contain costs. We can make California’s healthcare system a model for the nation.

And remember to tell your family and friends to contact their Assemblymember TODAY as well! Let’s continue to keep up the pressure. And, if you can, please donate now to help us sustain our California OneCare Campaign.

Thanks for contacting your Assemblymember. With your help we will pass SB 810.


Andrew McGuire
Executive Director
California OneCare Campaign for SB 810