by Georgia Brewer, HEAL California, October 18, 2016
The election is almost here and it’s an extremely important one when it comes to health care. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, nobody gets to go through life without dealing with health care or health insurance (or both). So you’d better get informed before Election Day to make the best choice possible. Being undecided is simply not an option anymore! While it’s true that the president can’t directly do very much about health care, as we explained in our article The 2016 Presidential Race and the Future of Health Care, we’ve seen how influential President Obama was in taking the Affordable Care Act over the finish line. The next president will make a major difference when it comes to our health care (and many other issues, too). The better you understand the options, the more confidence you will have in your vote. Get the facts about Trump’s 7 Point […] Read More