What’s the Insurance Corporations’ Biggest Fear?

YOU and the Populist Uprising you Support!

Dear OneCare Supporters,

It’s happened! The stars and politicians have aligned and California is now poised to realize the dream of single payer health care for all!

On November 2nd, California voters rejected the Republican “say no, do-nothing” philosophy and elected visionary leaders to run our state: Governor Jerry Brown, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, and Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. Newsom and Jones support single payer and our Governor Elect has said he’d “listen to the people.”

So to achieve real health care reform, these leaders will need what whistleblower Wendell Potter says the insurance industry fears most: a true populist uprising to compel the legislature to enact a single payer law.

Our California OneCare Campaign team is finalizing a plan to achieve just this in two years! But we need your help!

Your financial support now is needed to help us expand immediately.  We’re seeking an initial $150,000 to hire more organizers, to create new grass roots materials, to broaden our on-line outreach and to multiply our volunteer teams across the state.

We are going up against a $400 billion insurance/pharmaceutical industry but we know that sustained populist pressure and votes by informed, inspired and angry Californians can trump all the dollars they’ll spend to try to defeat us!

Click here to donate now.  Stay tuned for campaign developments and invite ten friends to help us make history!

Andrew McGuire, Executive Director
California OneCare Campaign

PS. Your DONATION NOW will help us launch the populist uprising that will change California, and then the nation.