A New Phase, a New Name for California’s Fight for Universal, Single Payer Healthcare

Dear California OneCare Supporters,
We are moving ahead with detailing and implementing a Five Year Plan to win healthcare justice in California by 2017. This is the date the federal Affordable Care Act allows states to apply for a State Innovation Waiver to set up their own health care systems.

To better align our focus and strengthen our impact, the single-issue, single payer grassroots groups are forming a new alliance.

The new alliance, which so far includes California OneCare, Physicians for a National Health Program–California and the California Health Professional Student Alliance is already working on a plan to enlist individuals and organizations into the single payer cause in a way that broadens and diversifies the movement.

The new alliance has invited Georgia Mae Brewer to be our statewide coordinator, and she has accepted. Georgia is a member of Health Care for All–California, PNHP CA and has served as the co-coordinator of the Los Angeles Regional Single Payer Coalition.

Next Step: We need a name for the Alliance!

Our identity as a campaign will play a key role in our success as we reach out to inform, educate, recruit, and build a movement. We’ve decided to “crowd source” the naming of the new alliance to the single payer grassroots. Who better to ask than you, our long-committed California OneCare supporters?

Do you have a great idea for a name of our Alliance?
Send it to georgiabrewer@gmail.com.

Here are the contest ground rules:
– Do not use “single-payer” in the name
– Do not use the name of an existing healthcare reform group or campaign.
– Submit your entry no later than Friday, April 19th!
– You may submit as many names as you like!

The prize for winning the contest is knowing that you helped the movement for single payer take another step toward quality, affordable health care for all!

Remember, with your help, WE WILL WIN!

Andrew McGuire

Executive Director, California OneCare Campaign