Dear OneCare Supporters,

We are happy to introduce the new California single payer coalition name: AllCare Alliance!

We received hundreds of suggestions for the name of our new California single payer coalition. Now the polls have closed, the votes have been tallied and we are proud to announce our new name, the AllCare Alliance.

Four dedicated single-issue grassroots organizations, will sponsor the new alliance. Physicians for a National Health Program-CA, the California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA), Health Care for All-CA, and California OneCare are working closely together to fulfill our common dream of truly universal healthcare financed and delivered through a single payer system. The key to our success is building a strong alliance of organizational partners who are united in this cause.

Public Citizen and Democracy For America (DFA) have already agreed to become founding members of the Alliance. They are joined by St. John’s Well Child and Family Centers, a leading community clinic provider in South Central Los Angeles, and Pre-Health Dreamers, NorCal student partners with CaHPSA, which has worked diligently to protect and improve immigrant rights through legislative advocacy. We are looking forward to learning and growing together with our fellow organizers in the fight for health care equality.

The name of the new alliance, AllCare, reflects the breadth of our struggle for true healthcare equality. More importantly, it projects our vision for an alliance that looks like California in size, strength and diversity. Inclusion will be the cornerstone of the AllCare Alliance which will eventually bring together hundreds of organizational partners and their members.

Our logo and website are under development. Our outreach efforts continue at full pace. We are working to strengthen regional coalitions.

In the meantime, I encourage each of you to help us by recruiting organizations to which you belong to become members of the AllCare Alliance. We welcome faith-based, labor, civic, community-based, student organizations/chapters, medical provider and any other organizations that endorse health care for all through a single payer system.

To request endorsement information, please contact Georgia Brewer at

Thank you for your continuing support for the work of California OneCare and the new AllCare Alliance.


Andrew McGuire
Executive Director, California OneCare