My 25-year-old daughter was injured while on vacation with her boss and co-workers. She was at his private family estate when a dune buggy she was a passenger in flipped and rolled over her. She was critically injured. The estate has excellent insurance to cover bodily injury. She was airlifted to Omaha to the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She had to stay in Nebraska for six weeks. We waited and waited for the insurance to help out. I read the 183-page insurance policy which totally covers this type of accident. After waiting 62 days for the insurance company to pay for her medical bills, they had a New York City law firm send us a letter telling us they would not pay her $200,000 hospital bill.

My daughter still needs surgery to save her kidney, and was finally allowed to come home to California to find a doctor to care for her. She was unable to find health care in California because of her lack of insurance. She almost died again. We are still waiting for the insurance company to pay her claim, but they want her to file a bogus claim with Workers Compensation so they they can hold onto their money. It amazes me that they have the power to make these kind of decisions and ruin peoples lives. Hopefully the hospital we chose will find a charity fund to help save my daughter’s kidney.

Janet Anderson