The following are messages California OneCare received from a supporter, whose name we are withholding for their privacy:

I am and have been all for this (OneCare). Starting in February, I am going in for treatments for my failing liver. It has been hell to get help, but I guess I was lucky if they don’t end up taking it away from me.  California needs this more than any other state.

I am sorry to hear about Blue Shield Blue Cross (raising their rates) as I have it for an urgent reason: for meds. I will be starting Chemo for my liver in a couple of weeks and they were the ones that will make all my meds much cheaper.  I hope nothing changes in the middle of this. I definitely believe we need California OneCare. It will be a long uphill battle, though, now with cuts being taken everywhere.  Thank you always. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it is because I am very sick, not because I don’t care.