See the “365 TV Ad Producers”

listed with the ads being released this week (one per day).

Any California OneCare donor of $50 or more is being listed as a “365 TV Ad Producer” next to the name of the celebrity or person featured in the ad.

$500 donors can have their name listed alone — next to the name of the celebrity ad and $5,000 donors will be listed next to 10 celebrity ads. You can use the usual “Donor” page on our website for safe, secure on-line donations or send a check to the address on this Donor page. The page will take convenient monthly donations, too.

Our single payer movement is growing every day with great people just like you! Please share this spot with 10 friends, including potential major donors. Strongly urge them to sign our petition on-line.

Here are this week’s 365 TV Ad Producers: