Making an Ad

  1. Content: Check the website for the theme of the month. If possible, make an ad about that theme, although it’s not a requirement. You may submit an ad on any aspect of single payer you choose. If you want some ideas, check this list of concepts to stimulate your imagination.
  2. Style: Your ad doesn’t need to be fancy or flashy, just sincere and to the point. You can use humor, personal appeals, testimonials, real-life experiences, skits, animation, re-enactments—whatever you like. We will choose the best ads to feature on our website—a new one every day! Please avoid profanity, obscenity, and prurient content in your ad. We won’t show it anyway, so why bother.
  3. Making the Video: Make sure your subject is well lit and in focus, and that the audio is clear and distinct. For tips on video production, check the YouTube suggestions here.
  4. Rights & Permissions: You must have the rights to any material you submit, including all images and music. If your ad is chosen to be featured on our website, we will ask you to sign a release that warrants that you have permission to use everything in your ad.
  5. Length: Your ad must be exactly 25 seconds long—no more, no less. We will add the California OneCare tag to your ad, making it 30 seconds long.
  6. Format: You may submit your ad in any format that is accepted by YouTube. Check here for YouTube specifications.
  7. Uploading: Follow the instructions at YouTube for uploading videos. Make your video public, and choose the thumbnail you like. Add the tags you want, but be sure to include CaliforniaOneCare as one of the tags.
  8. Submitting: When your video has gone ‘Live!’ on YouTube, fill out the 365 Ad Submission Form. It will ask you for your contact information, as well as the URL for your video on YouTube. You can find the URL to the right of the video screen or in the Internet address window when it plays on YouTube. Just copy the whole URL and paste it into the appropriate box on the Submission Form.
  9. Selection: If your video is selected to be featured as a 365 Ad of the Day on our website, we will contact you and ask you upload the video to our server at the best quality available. We will add our tag to your ad and then re-post it to YouTube and feature it on our website.
  10. Rights: By submitting your ad, you are conveying nonexclusive rights to your spot to California OneCare to use on our website and in our campaign as we see fit. That means that you can use your ad wherever and however you like, and so can we.