The most recent financial analysis of California’s single payer health care legislation, The Lewin Report, was done in 2005. Since that time, and because California failed to pass single payer into law, the cost of health care in our state has risen.

Without those numbers it is not possible to say precisely how SB 810 will be financed nor exactly what the cost will be for individuals and businesses. Consequently, no finance bill has been written to accompany SB 810 in the 2009-2011 legislative sessions.

California OneCare and several other organizations are working to raise funds for a current financial analysis of SB 810. What we do know is that the United States, while leaving many of its citizens without adequate health care, pays twice as much per capita as all other developed nations which provide full health care to all of their citizens.

Although the numbers will differ in any updated financial analysis of SB 810, a reading of the 2005 Lewin Report Summary will provide you with an understanding of how the implementation of a single payer system in California can be financed.