Employers Advantages

– Reduces health care costs for business owners. A 2005 Lewin Group Report showed that employers providing insurance to at least 80% of their employees would pay lower premiums under a single payer system.

– Controls health care inflation. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, from 1999 to 2008 insurance premiums have increased 119%, compared to an overall inflation of 29%. Private insurance companies have failed to contain costs.

– Creates a level playing field in the health care market. No more competitive advantage for businesses who fail to provide health insurance. All employers pay the same low rate set by the state. Businesses can plan more accurately for future growth. Businesses focus on what they do best, instead of wasting time scrutinizing health insurance plans.

– Removes headache of choosing health care plans. Reduces your paperwork. Eliminates the contentious relationship between employers and insurance companies in negotiating health care contracts. Eliminates friction between employers and employees over health insurance plans.

– Reduces employer fiscal concerns over hiring employees with pre-existing conditions. All California residents, regardless of pre-existing conditions, are provided health coverage.

– Reduces doctor rationing. Provides free choice of doctors for individuals instead of allowing private insurance companies to restrict access to only doctors in their network.

– Increases quality of care by emphasizing preventative medicine that employees do not have to pay out of pocket