Sen. Leno Promises to Re-Introduce SB 810 in the Next Session

Last night, on the state Assembly floor, Senate Bill 810 was not brought up for a vote and, therefore, died.

The reasons for the failure, as best as we can tell at this time, are twofold.

First, the conservative Democrats (some label them Blue Dogs, we label them Yellow Dogs) were scared that a vote for single payer would provide their Republican opponent a campaign issue that would lead to their defeat in the November elections. Thus, the Speaker of the Assembly heeded their election concerns and didn’t bring the bill to a vote.

The second reason is just as predictable and insidious. The health insurance lobby did everything in their power, which is considerable as we know, and helped kill the bill. The insurance industry has our single payer legislation on their political radar screen and they, as they say, went to work.

In the coming weeks, we’ll provide you a more detailed analysis of this defeat, after we gather more information.
Senator Leno immediately communicated to us that he will re-introduce the bill next session. We must learn from this event and redouble our efforts to pass the bill next year.

We’ve made huge progress during the past two years of this campaign for SB 810 and we profoundly thank you for our continued support and action.

We know that with your help, WE WILL WIN.

Andrew McGuire
Executive Director
California OneCare Campaign