We Can Win A Veto Proof “Super Majority” for SB 810!

The California OneCare Campaign is launching the next essential phase: voter education via cable TV Ads from June 1 to the critical 2010 November elections.

The plan: to educate likely voters in strategic swing districts that could bring California true health care reform – single payer SB 810 legislation. (We’re just a few votes away from a two-third’s “super majority” vote in each house!)

Your tax-deductible donation NOW helps us reach our “Step One” goal of just $10,000!

This Step One kicks off in Modesto with multiple daily spots ads from June 1 thru June 8 on the top cable news stations, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, and CNBC. For Step 2 in August, we’ll schedule ads in Sacramento as SB 810 goes to a final Assembly vote. Step Three will feature more ads in five key California cities leading up to election day, November 2.

All media advertising will be supported with the ongoing netroots campaign of celebrity TV Ads each day, grassroots educational forums, tabling and rallies.

Tell us which TV Ad you’d run!

We’d love to get your opinion in our quick Top TV Ad Survey. Just CLICK HERE to view the six ads and vote for the one you think will be most effective.

With your help, California will get health care reform right. Full care, for all, for less.

Thanks for your tax deductible donation.