California OneCare board member and DailyKos blogger Eve Gittelson (known by her DK handle, nyceve) moderated this year’s Netroots Nation panel on healthcare reform. Held in Minneapolis, Minn., in June, Netroots Nation attracted thousands of left-leaning bloggers, activists and politicos. The health reform panel also featured California OneCare Executive Director Andrew McGuire; Jay Angoff, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Indiana University professor Giuseppe Del Priore, MD MPH; and Wendell Potter, senior fellow at the Center for Media and Democracy. The following videos, taken by GeraldWeinand, are clips of the panel.

Intro by Eve Gittelson

Dr. Giuseppe Del Priore

Wendell Potter

Jay Angoff

Andrew McGuire

Jay Angoff takes a question about Vermont’s recent passage of single payer health care.

Jay Angoff talks about the six-month waiting period for bridge insurance for people with preexisting conditions.

Wendell Potter talks about regulation of health insurers.

Angoff takes a question about dialysis.

Question about the impact of the federal reform law on retail workers.