Health Care for All-California and the California OneCare Campaign are committed to health care reform that will provide comprehensive, affordable coverage for all people.

President Obama will soon sign an historic federal health care reform bill into law and, while we applaud the focus on reform, we believe California OneCare will serve us significantly better.

Single payer, California OneCare (Senate Bill 810) eliminates for-profit health insurance, simplifies financing and reduces cost of care, covers everyone for all needed medical, dental. mental health, medications, and hospital care, and provides choice of doctor.

HCA-CA Board members have analyzed the federal legislation and have noted still more shortcomings, including the following:

  • In 2019, there will still be 23 million people with no insurance
    in the U.S.;
  • Americans will still needlessly pay 100% more per person for health care than residents of other nations with single payer health care;
  • The legislation does not limit rate hikes by private insurance companies;
  • Insurance companies are still shielded from anti-trust law;
  • Drug companies are protected from federal bulk purchasing power;
  • There are few meaningful curbs on the rising costs of health care.

For these reasons, among many more, HCA-CA is even more determined to pursue true health care reform in California and establish a non-profit system that is for the benefit of all people instead of insurance and pharmaceutical corporations. Now is the time for Californians to show the rest of the nation what real health care reform looks like.

We will win!