Massachusetts Senator Elect Scott Brown has vowed to be the forty first vote against Health Insurance Reform putting it in serious trouble in Congress.  That is why it is so important that we pass our own Health Care Reform in California.  And, it is important that we act immediately, right here in California, to show our State Senators we want our reform now.

Senate Bill 810 (Sen. Leno), our single payer health care legislation, will be voted on by the full California State Senate this week.

The Health Insurance companies are spending huge sums of money to spread false propaganda to the public and our State Senators are receiving nasty calls telling them to oppose SB 810! WE MUST RESPOND!

It is absolutely imperative that you email YOUR State Senator today and voice your support for SB 810.  Politely tell your State Senator to vote for SB 810 when it comes up for a floor vote this week.  The other side is acting rudely.

Let’s guarantee a win on the Senate floor with an overwhelming number of emails to Senators, supporting SB 810, the only solution to the health care crisis in California.  And, let’s show our Senators our respect for their deliberations on our behalf.

Email the California State Senate today!