Massive Netroots, Grassroots Campaign
Features New 30-second TV Ad Each Day for Year

California’s 15 year movement to achieve “Medicare for All” type health care reform jumps to a new level as celebrities, political leaders, health care activists and victims star in new TV ads for Senate Bill 810 (California OneCare), authored by Senator Mark Leno.

The bill passed the California Senate on January 28 by a vote of 22 to 14 and will proceed to the Assembly, where passage is expected in late August 2010.

When passed, California OneCare legislation is expected to cut current insurance administrative costs from 30% to 5%, because for-profit private insurance plans would be replaced by one plan administered by a public agency.

A new 30-second TV Ad each day for a year.

From Monday, March 1, 2010, to February 28, 2011, a new 30-second ad is being released each day and distributed statewide via email and placed in key media markets by California OneCare Campaign coalition partners. Every ad will focus on the benefits of the “Medicare for All” solution of the California OneCare plan, SB 810.

Some 70 ads have already been produced, featuring Lily Tomlin, Paula Poundstone, Elliot Gould, Ed Begley, Valerie Harper, Connie Stevens, Ken Howard, Ed Asner, Adam Arkin, and more. On the campaign website, single payer supporters everywhere are shown how to submit their own ads for the campaign so they, too, can add their voice to the campaign.

A strategy for passage of SB 810.

The 365-day TV ad campaign will augment statewide grassroots and netroots organizing. This effort will gain momentum during the most tumultuous political period in decades, from the state primaries to the November elections for the Assembly, the Senate and a new Governor.

The goal of the campaign is to achieve passage and approval of SB 810 by a super majority of legislators to then override the expected veto of the bill by Governor Schwarzenegger. Just three additional yes votes in each house would achieve a super majority.