Celebrity Ads Target District 12 Senate Race in Modesto

Elliott Gould: “Don’t believe the myths, Single Payer is Not Socialized Medicine”

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America’s first TV ads advocating “single payer” health care legislation hit the cable news channels this week in tiny Modesto, California, sparking a five-month supporter-funded media ad campaign for California OneCare, SB 810.

The goal: convince voters to demand that candidates endorse SB 810 in District 12 and in up to six strategic swing districts that could bring California true health care reform. Campaign leaders note that they are just a few votes away from a two-third’s “super majority” vote in each house. Such a majority would assure the successful passage of SB 810 as early as 2011.

In Modesto, over 15 spots per day are running thru the June 8 Primary Election Day on CNN, MSNBC, Headline News, ESPN, and CNBC, starring Lily Tomlin, Elliott Gould, Ed Asner, Ed Begley, Jr. and more. The campaign will expand to Sacramento as SB 810 goes to a final Assembly vote and continue in five key California cities in September and October, right up to election day, November 2.

All media advertising will be supported with the ongoing California OneCare netroots campaign of celebrity TV ads each day, grassroots educational forums, tabling and rallies.

When passed, California OneCare legislation is expected to cut current insurance administrative costs from 30% to 5%, because for-profit private insurance plans would be replaced by one plan administered by a public agency. Hospitals and doctors would continue to operate privately, while insurance would be financed publicly, like Medicare.

All California residents will have their own choice of doctor and will be covered for all necessary health care including doctors, hospital, medications, mental health, medical equipment, dental, eye-care, and more.

A single payer plan will control costs and bring full care, for all, for less for Californians because of the creation of one risk pool with everyone contributing based on earnings. Similar single payer models used by developed countries provide full universal health care for all residents for less than half of what Americans pay per person each year.

Andrew McGuire Executive Director
California OneCare Campaign for SB 810
Phone: 415-215-8980 or 888-442-4255
Email: press@californiaonecare.org