You’re now invited to tell the world about your reform ideas or share your health care story.

You can take on big pharma or the health insurance moguls and you can help us explain why single payer is the right solution to our health care crisis.

I will now monitor and edit this Blog space each and every day going forward.

To submit your own Posts, please send them as a Word file via email to

The California OneCare Campaign and the State Strategy Group coalition of supporting organizations has been spreading the word about California’s single payer California OneCare SB 810 legislation. More than ever, the web is our strongest educational tool and your participation in our new blog effort will help the cause. Your blog post could well be shared by millions on blogs, Facebook and Twitter postings happening each day.

Each step we take brings us closer to the level of mass public understanding of single payer we’ll need to match the awesome power of the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations.

While we’ve applauded all efforts at reform, we know that anything short of single payer is unsustainable and, frankly, unconscionable.

And we know that California is ready to lead the nation in the one true reform solution that will work for everyone: full care, for all, for less.

Sylvia Moore, Blog Editor
California OneCare Campaign for SB 810