Watch for updates, new actions and how you can help reignite

California’s historic Single Payer Movement!

First Step:  January 10th Lobby Day and Rally in Sacramento

Dear OneCare Supporters,

Today marks the 264th day of our California OneCare media campaign as celebrities and supporters remind us of the benefits of single payer. These powerful TV ads will continue each day on our California OneCare website and links to them will now be sent to you each Monday via our weekly “blog digest” as we roll out the 2011 campaign.

Stay tuned to the OneCare campaign

California single payer advocates have always held that real health care reform will happen in one state first, and then spread across America.

We can pass and sign a new California OneCare bill in Sacramento.  We know we can convince our new Governor and legislature that CA OneCare will save lives AND save billions of dollars.

Our California OneCare non-profit organization and team will continue to build the kind of coalition that it will take to overturn a century of unneeded pain and suffering, to say nothing of outrageous insurance industry premiums that rise whenever the industry thinks they can get away with it!

In the weeks ahead, you’ll learn about exciting campaign strategies, new local grassroots options and new statewide ACTIONS, starting with the first coalition event in Sacramento on January  10: a Capitol Steps Kick-off Lobby Day and Rally to launch the campaign to pass the next version of SB 810.

We and many other single payer advocates will be supporting this event organized by the California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA), an organization of nursing, medical, public health and other health professions students.  It will be an historic kick off rally!

Thanks so much for your generous support and continued commitment to single payer reform in California. WE WILL WIN!

Andrew McGuire
Executive Director, California OneCare Campaign