There is only ONE way to healthcare reform: single payer.
Single payer will eliminate the need for employees to bargain for health care and they will be able to concentrate on bargaining for salaries and other work place issues. This is a HUGE benefit of single payer, since the time, effort, and resources spent on bargaining health care benefits is monumental.
Single payer will eliminate the need for free clinics, and the volunteers needed to staff them.
Single payer will greatly reduce the traffic and confusion in emergency rooms.
Single payer will eliminate the outrageous profits of gigantic insurance companies, thus bringing down the cost of health care.
Single payer will eliminate the humongous amount of paper work involved in insurance claims.
Single payer will provide health care for ALL.
A moderate tax on all will eliminate insurance premiums, thus freeing both small and large businesses from paying “insurance premiums” and having to bargain for such. I’m sure that there are bright people out there who can devise a reasonable tax for businesses and individuals to replace the outrageous insurance premiums.

Bill Gibson
San Clemente