THANKS TO YOU!!  Assembly Health Committee Votes YES for Single Payer SB 810

By a “super majority” vote, the 19 member Health Committee delivered 13 YES votes versus 6 NO”s to pass Senator Mark Leno’s Senate Bill 810. The Assembly Committee hearing and vote was held on June 29.

The landmark health care reform legislation, previously vetoed twice by Governor Schwarzenegger, now proceeds to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for a hearing and vote in July or early August.

Pending a successful Appropriations Committee vote, the bill will be heard by the full Assembly and, if approved, will once again challenge Governor Schwarzenegger.

Thanks to you and all of our California OneCare supporters for writing Assembly members and Committee members urging these YES votes.

Thanks also for the generous DONORS who have helped us continue California’s  historic march to bring single payer health care to all residents: full care, for all, for less!

You know what real health care reform looks like! Single Payer SB 810.

Thanks again for your support. Keep watching our Email blasts!

Andrew McGuire

Executive Director

California OneCare Campaign for SB 810