Share your passion! Set up a table in a public place and help people get to know how they and their families will benefit with single payer: Beginner’s Guide to TablingSingle Payer & the DeficitHow Would Medicare for All California Work?

Get a friend to help pass out flyers on a corner. Here are some materials you can use to let people know about our campaign and donate to it:  10 reasons B&W,   Single Payer & the DeficitWays to Stay Involved


There’s no reason you can’t have some fun while you spread the word. Get together with friends for a movie party, to paint freeway banners, pass out flyers on a street corner. Use your imagination and if you come up with a street theater idea, let us know – we’ll share it with other supporters:   How to Throw a California OneCare Movie Party, A Guide to Freeway Bannering, Freeway Banner Slogans