Start or Join a OneCare Team

WHAT IS A MOVEMENT? You’ve probably heard the phrase “grassroots movement” but have you thought about what it actually means? The term “grassroots” refers to a movement that is created and driven by the concerns of a community.

Your voice, your commitment, and your support where you live is what will turn our campaign for single-payer health care into a movement that cannot be ignored.

A genuine grassroots movement springs from the community. Part of your work as a single payer activist will be to build and work with the grassroots movement in your community and statewide.

There is a growing movement for a single payer health care system in California. Is it recognized in your community?

Help build the movement for single payer in California!


A OneCare Team is basically a local organizing group of two or more people that works loosely with other OneCare Teams in their area and throughout California so that we are unified voice in our campaign for single payer in California.

OneCare teams can be as varied as

  • two committed friends
  • a neighborhood
  • a babysitting coop
  • several caregivers
  • a church group
  • a couple of small business owners

Our goal is to promote a statewide network of OneCare Teams which can be mobilized for action at the state level and still maintain their unique role as groups in tune with their local area.

To start or join a OneCare Team, you must agree with the following:

  • healthcare is not only a right, but also a moral obligation in any enlightened society;
  • a single payer health care system is the best possible answer to California’s health care crisis; and
  • your OneCare Team will work with California OneCare to support the creation and implementation of a single payer health care system in California.

It only takes one passionate and committed person to start the movement for single payer in your community.
Maybe you are that person.

I agree with the California OneCare principles for starting or joining a OneCare Team.

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