Three years ago I went to India with my wife to treat her thyroid problem.  Here at home, her doctor recommended surgery, and when I checked (we had no insurance), the hospital quoted us $50,000 for an overnight stay, with a 40% discount if we paid cash up front.  We went to India and she had the same surgery for about $1,800, including hospital stay.  While there, I loaded up on medical tests including a colonoscopy ($100).  They told me that the polyp, which I could not afford to have removed in the U.S., had grown bigger and needed to be removed.  Another $1,800 and it was gone.

We also got to see Jaipur and the Taj Mahal.

I’m a big fan of medical tourism.  A local dentist told me that I needed a tooth pulled, a post implanted and cap.  Projected cost: $5,000.  I’m going to Guatemala in December for the treatment.  Cost: less than $1,000  (about $1,500, if you include airfare and hotel). Plus, I get to see the Mayan ruins of Tikal and Rio Azul.

I’m in favor of what you’re doing with California OneCare, but until we fix our healthcare system in the U.S., I happily go overseas to save a ton of money, and also see the world.

Check this link to read my report of my India trip.  My testimonial is the third one down on the Web page.

Hans Beerbaum
Petaluma, CA