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When medical bills weigh on job applicants

The New York Times
Published May 18, 2013

To the Editor:

Re “The Long Shadow of Bad Credit” (May 12), which described how adverse credit reports or Read More...

One day we will have single payer

Los Angeles Times
Published January 9, 2013


Steve Lopez asks, “Can’t we switch to a healthcare system instead of a paper-shuffling, profit-driven, CEO-bonus-building system?” Great question.

There are dozens of for-profit health insurance companies astride the U.S. healthcare “system.” Besides profits for their owners, their premiums must pay […]


Students for single payer

Chico News & Review
Published February 7, 2013
Guest Comment
By and Joseph Katz

In the fall of 2011 a few Chico State students founded the local chapter of the California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA). CaHPSA is a student-based advocacy group working alongside […]


Insurance Commissioner should lobby for single payer

 The Sacramento Bee
Published January 8, 2013


Re “Health insurer rates ripped” (Business, Jan. 9): Although I am glad that Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is fighting to keep health insurance rates down, what he should really be doing is lobbying the California Legislature to pass the California Universal […]