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A new study shows that the Healthy California Act (SB 562) will cut state spending on healthcare by 18%. Families and businesses would see a significant savings in what they spend on healthcare, according to new research findings released on May 31.

Most importantly, the bill would guarantee full healthcare coverage for all Californians without the crushing cost of premiums, deductibles and co-pays that cause so many Californians to ration necessary care.

Key features of SB 562 include:

  • Every Californian eligible to enroll, regardless of age, income, employment or other status.
  • No out of pocket costs, such as high deductibles and co-pays, for covered health services
  • Comprehensive coverage, including hospital and outpatient medical care, primary and preventive care, vision, dental, hearing, women’s reproductive health services, mental health, lab tests, rehab and other basic medical needs
  • Lower prescription drug costs
  • Long term care services provided under Medi-Cal continue, and will be expanded with an emphasis on community and in-home care
  • No narrow insurance networks, one medical card, real patient choice of provider
  • No insurance claims denials based on corporate profit goals
Download complete analysis: Pollin-Economic-Analysis-SB-562

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